Yeah, we created this service with only one purpose – to help you to get rid of all that shitty coins that you get through Bounty and Airdrop. Just send any listed-on-exchange tokens to address below and in return, we will automatically send you exact amount of

FYBA tokens to your wallet (1:1)


FYBA uses AI and Machine Learning to automatically check if you send a real token and it's listed on some exchanges. We do not want a situation when someone will create a lot of fake and scam tokens. If you want to help our AI system to learn faster – just put more info about tokens you send, especially links to cryptocurrency exchanges.





Well, it's Fuck your Bounty and Airdrop token!

What is FYBA

© 2018 FYBA – Fuck your Bounty and Airdrop Token

Send any amount of ERC20 tokens to the wallet address below and you'll get FYBA tokens in the ratio 1:1 back



*You'll receive the same amount of tokens that you've sent to this address, regardless of your tokens cost.

Address to send tokens:

Most projects put serious team faces/advisers/whitepapers and so on.


 And yeah, we will sent you the same amount of FYBA tokens (just don't forget to mention your ERC20 address)

Fuck that!

We are crypto anarchists.






You can also send some BTC, LTC, ZCASH, DASH or XMR to support our project.

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